"I cannot recommend Jeff Pflueger highly enough regarding his ability and effectiveness at using the internet as a high-powered marketing tool and for his skills as a web developer. He assisted my work in getting information out to literally millions of people, compared to before I hired him, when I was hopeful to reach over 10,000 people."

Dahr Jamail

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Dahr Jamail Iraq . comIn 2004, Marriam Webster added "Blog" as its #1 word of the year to the dictionary. But we were already far down the path of using the nascent platform to fund and disseminate independent reporting from the Iraq war.

Also in 2004, the United States claimed success in its first attempt to take Fallujah in Iraq and staged a PR event to make it look so. As was often the case, all of the US media was satisfied with the US military version of the events.

A journalist, Dahr Jamail, was there in Fallujah to witness the scene unembedded - among the Iraqi people - and posted his observations on a blogging platform I created for him he also was able to post pictures to an online gallery I had built for him.

Jamail's photos and story show a Fallujah celebrating victory over the retreating US. This was not at all the story in the US media.

My work was to support Dahr's journalism by developing and maintaining what was a cutting edge platform at the time. By the time Dahr was distributing images from the second siege of Falluja - an entire campaign nearly blacked out to the media - we had as many as 100,000 unique vistors a day learning about the war in Iraq from the point of view of the Iraqis.

In addition to building and maintaining the website, I worked on search engine optimization, creating relationships with MidEastWire and LinkTV to allow me to harvest Middle East News related content to publish on the website. I was the admin for a very busy dedicated web server, putting out fires as they arose such as the frequent denial of service attacks. I developed a system of encryption to use for the team in email communications. And ultimately, I worked with Dahr in the field to post stories, multimedia and photography to the platform we had developed.