I thrive on manifesting powerful ideas, and love to see the power of inspired work.

Below are some testimonials from people I have worked with in the past. I look forward to working with you either on contract, or full time if you are the right team with the right mission.

"I cannot recommend Jeff Pflueger highly enough regarding his ability and effectiveness at using the internet as a high-powered marketing tool and for his skills as a web developer. He assisted my work in getting information out to literally millions of people, compared to before I hired him, when I was hopeful to reach over 10,000 people."

From the acknowledgments in the book Beyond the Green Zone - Dispatches From an Unembedded Journalist in Occupied Iraq: "Jeff Pflueger designed, built, maintained and then expanded dahrjamailiraq.com to meet demand that exceeded our wildest dreams. Without your expertise, ideas and suggestions (many of which averted certain disaster), the stories of the Iraqi people could never have reached as far as they have. I cannot thank you enough for your work...."

Dahr Jamail - Journalist

"Our Research and Training Center on Personal Assistance Services (PAS) at UCSF, funded by the National Institute on Disablity and Rehabilitation Research, developed a website as the keystone of our communication of findings to the researchers, advocates, and policymakers who use our research in their work, and to users of PAS services. The website that Jeff created with InfoUse - www.pascenter.org - has been excellent in conveying our findings and informing our audiences about PAS. One particularly useful and popular part of the website has been the state-based pages. On this section, we can present our findings by state and Jeff designed and implemented a database that drives the data to each state's page. We have had a lot of positive feedback on these database-driven pages in particular. Another measure of the success of Jeff's work comes in the form of feedback we receive from the website. The site now accommodates more than 50,000 users per day."

Charlene Herrington - Professor, UC San Francisco

"San Francisco Girls Chorus was in need for a website that is not only informational but functional to its staff and its various constituencies. Working with Jeff has been a pleasure. Jeff is tremendously knowledgeable in web development. He understood our requirements and objectives, and always tried to come up with solutions that would work best for us. He is trustworthy and dedicated in getting the job done. The quality of the website has exceeded our expectations and we cannot be happier. I highly recommend Jeff for web development."

Naho Yoshida - Communications Manager San Francisco Girls Chorus

"Dealing with Jeff has been a rewarding experience. He is a hard working and devoted photographer. The Travel section of The New York Times has given Jeff difficult assignments in remote places in bad weather. Despite this, Jeff succeeded in producing wonderful photography -- and well organized and perfectly captioned. What's more, he has provided a large and varied selection which always makes the job of a photo editor easier."

Lonnie Schlein - Photo Editor New York Times

"I've worked with Jeff Pflueger on many creative projects. I've seen Jeff wear several different hats, as a photographer, web designer, writer, educator, and technical guru. He excels at everything he does. But even more important, he is a lot of fun to work with. He does the job quickly and efficiently and I would not hesitate recommending him to anyone considering working with him."

Mikkel Aaland - Author, Photographer, Technologist

"I know Jeff as a photographer as well as a workshop instructor. As a photographer, he's adventurous and will tackle any travel assignment. He's a hot photographer in the coldest of situations, and he's got it down cold in the heat of the desert. His images are distinctive, different, and always tell the story. As a workshop instructor, he is inspirational to students because they know he speaks from experience - and his experiences are interesting. To both theory and practice, he brings professionalism. Plus he's a nice guy!"

George Olson - Former Photo Editor Sunset Magazine