Elmali Kilise , Apple Church, Cappadocia, Turkey, Goreme Open Air Museum

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From Open Air Museum Placard:

From Open Air Museum Placard: "This church featuring four columns, nine domes, and three apses is of the closed cruciform type. Access to the church is through a tunnel on the north side. The original entrance was on the south side. The original decorations in this church consist of geometrical designs, and crosses painted in red ochre directly onto the rock. This technique is also found in the chapels of St. Barbara and St. Basil. The church has been dated back to the mid 11th century, and the beginning of the 12th century. Scenes: Deesis, Nativity, Adoration of the Magi, Baptism, Raising of Lazarus, Transfiguration, Entry into Jerusalem, Last Supper, Betrayal of Judas, Way of the Cross Crucifixion, Entombment, Anastasis, Women at the Tomb, Ascension and Portraits of the Saints. There are also scenes from the old testament (Pentateuch) such as the hospitality of Abraham and three young men in the fiery furnace."