Yilanli Kilise, (St. Onuphorius Church), Cappadocia, Turkey, Goreme Open Air Museum

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From Open Air Museum Placard:

From Open Air Museum Placard: "The main section is transversally rectangular and barrel vaulted, whereas the extended space to the south, which houses the graves, has a flat ceiling. The apse was hollowed out of the long wall on the left and the church was left uncompleted. The entrance to the church is from the north. Portraits of the respected saints of Cappadoica are on either side of the vault. The church dates back to the 11th century. Scenes: Opposite the entranceis a portrait of Jesus holding the bible in his left hand. The donor of the church is pictured beside Jesus. On the east side of the vault are St. Onesimus, St. George, and the Dragon, St. Theodore, and Helena holding the true cross with her son Constantine the Great. On the west of the vault is the long haired, naked St. Onuphoius behind a palm tree, the St. Thomas in a sanctifying position beside him, and St. Basil holding a book. In the first century AD people calling themselves "hermits" lives in seclusion in the Egyptian deserts. They dedicated themselves to religion. In the 4th century, St. Paphnutius traveled to Egypt to learn about the Hermit's way of life, and there he met St. Onuphrius whom the church was named after. St. Pahphnutius helped St. Onuphrius while he was dying, as he was the best example of moral values and self control. St. Onuphrius is depicted as naked, long haired, and broad chested, and a palm tree is in front of him."