Interactive Media to Influence, Educate and Inspire

For over a decade, I've been developing web applications at the forefront of digital communications technology to empower organizations to reach more people through powerful new technology. I would like to work with your organization to develop communications on the latest digital platforms to further your cause.

Sample Work:

Visualizing 100 Mile Runs: Developed an interactive visualization for analyzing 100 mile runs by charting individual performance against elevation profiles and other runners.
DM Vault DM Vault is a software package I developed to manage and store image collections in the cloud while creating search engine optimized web galleries. The package is available either for licensing or as a subscription service.
Photo Mountains A project with Denali National Park becomes an important education and outreach resource. Project included development of extensive website and integration with Google Maps.
Data Visualization Storytelling with data: I create a report for a large federal agency with examples, software and approaches for data visualization to make their information more useful for the public.
San Francisco Girls Chorus The SFGC website is the primary communications platform to reach students, parents, the media and the public. I developed the website to include ecommerce, a podcast, special login areas for parents, media, alumnae, and a CRM system to manage contacts, communications and lists of alumnae.
Alabama by Zip Code A large federal agency considers making their data available at the Zip Code level for public education and research. I demonstrate to them the possibilities working with the the state of Alabama. A communications effort to help to balance the news in the US about the Iraq war became an adventure I couldn't have imagined..
Disability Planning Data I developed custom tables available at the county level nationwide from datasets I created from the ACS and search engine optimized the results so that regional planners would find the data. The results? Powerful advocacy for better disability related planning decisions through the promotion of data.
UCSF Center For PAS Before Content Management Systems were widely adopted on the web, I wrote my own for a UC San Francisco research group. The opportunity was to create a busy platform for the researchers to publish their findings. At 50,000 unique visitor a day, the site has become much more....
Wilderness Fringe Back in 2001, Google was only 3 years old, photography was still a chemical process, photo sharing meant getting friends together to look at photo albums, and the large stock photo agencies were just considering being online. I developed a stock agency for outdoor photography called Wilderness Fringe that existed entirely on the Internet.