Photographic Story Telling in a Digital Era

In an information saturated world, powerful still images can communicate more information, faster across a variety of media from print to mobile applications to the web and beyond.

You need to concisely convey visual stories to engage your audience. I work with people to identify those stories and then capture them in images.

Sample work:

Vive la Magpie! The Magpie river in Eastern Canada was threatened by a HydroQuebec dam. I was assigned by National Geographic Adventure to photograph a descent of the river as an effort to raise awareness of this gem of a river.
Big Sur Without the Crowds An assignment to photograph stormy Big Sur in the winter for the New York Times.
Montreal's l'actualite Magazine: Des Innus en Colere An assignment north of the 52nd parallel. Embedded with the Innu of Quebec during an illegal Caribou hunt, as the Innu exercise what they see as their right to their ancestral territory Nitassinan.
Beyond the Gates The National Park Conservation Association commissioned me to capture the National Parks in the SF Bay Area. In this magazine piece, I promote our parks with images of people enjoying them.
Lightroom 2 Adventure Photographer Mikkel Aaland brought together international photographers with a team of Adobe developers to produce a photography book while beta testing Lightroom 2. I focused on creating visual stories of Tasmania's amazing outdoor recreational resources, and developed platforms for the team's web communications during the expedition.
New York Times: The Last Wilderness A six day assignment in Northern Idaho produces a nice front page in the New York Times Sunday Travel Section, and a great spread inside.
National Geographic Adventure: Notes From the Tundra Ground Assigned to photograph a climbing expedition I organized to the Arrigetch Peaks of Alaska with National Geographic Adventure magazine. The expedition involved several first ascents, and eighteen days in a very remote area north of the Arctic Circle.
Building an Aleut Baidarka in Patagonia Catalog I am both the photographer and the model in this shot I did for the clothing brand Patagonia
Embracing the Bay A story about the oil spill in San Francisco Bay illustrated with my image from a day on cleaner waters
A Yosemite Hushed by Winter Snow An assignment for the New York Times about Sierra backcountry skiing and Yosemite's historic Ostrander Hut. The shoot was over six days and involved over 36 miles of combined backcountry skiing.
Yosemite's Ostrander Hut Yosemite's historic Ostrander Hut in Men's Journal....
Hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah Hiking in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
The Ballad of Route 89 An assignment to photograph the journey from Canada to Mexico along the famed route 89
Five Star Wilderness - Helicopter Hiking in British Columbia, Canada An assignment with the NYT to a backcountry Canadian Mountain Holidays lodge, where helicopters take visitors to remote alpine locations to hike
Hawaii on a Dime An assignment to Kauai and the Big Island to show the wilder (and less expensive) Hawaii.
Men's Journal: Running the Forbidden River An assignment from Men's Journal to document the descent of a remote class V+ river in New Mexico.
Taking the Plunge in Oregon's Grand Canyon An assignment with the New York Times down the remote Owyhee River in South Eastern Oregon by raft and Kayak.
Portrait for Canoe and Kayak Magazine A portrait made below the Golden Gate bridge during the foggy wee hours of the morning....
Back of Beyond: Canada's Sol Mountain Lodge An assignment with the New York Times in the remote Monashee Mountains of British Columbia. The hut can only be reached by helicopter and accesses some fantastic skiing.