News and information about digital imaging and Jeff Pflueger Photo Media

Title Introduction
Syrian Intelligence

Memories of firewalls, surveillance and secret police in Damascus.

d3 (Data Driven Documents) and Internet Explorer

d3 is Mike Bostock's amazing javascript library for creating data visualizations with SVG - scalable vector graphics. But widely used Internet Explorer 8 and 7 won't render visualizations created with d3. Here is why along with some solutions.

Travel Photography: The Key to Photographing People

Followed by the Mukhabarat, or secret police, in Syria while documenting the Iraq War refugees flooding into Damascus.

Featured in the San Francisco Chronicle

The San Francisco Chronicle profiles my work.

Mars' Erebus Crater and Mt Erebus in Antarctica

Mars and Antarctica share a few things. For one, there are pieces of Mars scattered across the continent, but as I've done a little research for my coming trip to Antarctica, I found a link between a mountain we hope to visit and a photo project I did some years ago.

Explore Petra in High Resolution

Jordan's Petra is vast. You can explore this very high resolution image I made to show a bit how large it is.

The American Alpine Journal

A report I wrote of the 18 day climbing expedition I organized in the Arrigetch Peaks north of the Arctic Circle.

Book Passage Travel Writing and Photography Conference

I'll be teaching again at this years Book Passage Travel Photographer/Writer's conference in August. Hope to see you there!

Lightroom 2 Adventure: Tasmania

Mikkel Aaland convenes on the island of Tasmania an international team of photographers and Adobe developers to test Adobe's software while shooting for a beautiful book about using the software.

The Apse and Mihrab of the Hagia Sophia

I was recently shooting in Istanbul, Turkey and had a moment to play tourist. So I visited the Hagia Sophia, and was intrigued by a mystery....

A Friend in Southern Lebanon

In a war zone, trust is hard to earn. And small victories of building trust feel monumental.

Adventures in Travel Photography in a Digital Age

A digital treasure hunt, and stories from my first major assignment.

Travel Photography: A Simple, Profound Secret

A dirty secret to great photos...

A Tutorial on Color Management For the Web

Getting your images to look their best online: Color, Color Profiles and the Web....

3D images from Damascus, Syria

Quicktime VR images from some surprising locations in Damascus, Syria

Struggle on the Streets of Fresno

A personal project creating an audio slideshow from photos and audio I captured from the homeless wars in Fresno, CA.

Images of the highest point in North America

Aerial images of Denali on Google Map.

The Studio Building. Historic location of Jeff Pflueger Photo Media

Jeff Pflueger Photo Media is located in a historic downtown Berkeley building

Real Simple Syndication (RSS) and photography

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is an important way to push content across the web. Photographers should be using it as well. Here are some examples of how jeffpflueger.com and DAMeasy use RSS.

Digital Asset Management and DAMeasy

Digital asset management (DAM) is geek speak for the problem photographers have of keeping track of the tens of thousands of images they create. I wrote a package called DAMeasy that combines concepts in DAM with search engine optimization.

A Hunt With the Innu of Labrador

A difficult project with the Innu was a clear example of the complexity of environmental issues.

The First Travel Photo and the Future of Photography

A written piece for the Travel Channel on metadata and the exploding intersection of photography and geography....

A Taste for Retro Virtigo

A piece I wrote for a local newspaper with some perspective on the history of Yosemite climbing.

Aerial photography of Mt Hunter on a Google map
Satire - PhotoShop Becomes First Self Aware Artificial Intelligence
Interview for the Marc Silber show

Check out this 8 minute interview where I give some tips on photography and discuss some of my work.

Travel Photography and Writing With Light

Good story telling with photography is like writing. Here are some examples from a project in Tasmania.

The Invisible People of Fresno

A story I wrote for a local paper about the homeless situation in Fresno.

American Society of Media Photographers profile

The ASMPNorCal Quarterly has a nice profile about my work and some of my recent photography from Syria and Lebanon - including an image of the ruins of Palmyra on the cover.

Some Stories on Iraqi Refugees we did in Damascus, Syria

Al Jazeera English runs a couple of stories that we did in Damascus.